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Spectators inside London’s Olympic Stadium during the men’s 100m sprint final at the 2012 Games may not have noticed that the pinnacle of track and field is giving birth to a seismic shift in the scale of the games.This is understandable, because their attention is focused on the moment Usain Bolt (Bolt) hurtled across the finish line.

The Jamaican sprinter won another gold medal and set an Olympic record of 9.63 seconds.Until the beginning of July 2021, 17 more men completed their”break 10″results for the first time.The same mark in the women’s event-11 seconds-is also being broken more and more frequently.

Sports Science and Technology

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Technology has certainly played a big role:today’s sprinters wear lighter running shoes-the latest models may weigh less than 150 grams.The material used in the shoes of this era is also very different.The synthetic track was first used at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, giving athletes more protection for their joints and providing a rebound-like effect that allows faster completion times.Science also plays a role in nutrition and training.Today’s sprinters can be comprehensively analyzed to make adjustments to technical movements and reaction times.

Big Data

"Big data" i

“Big data” is now ubiquitous, in addition to being widely used in the field of technology and business, but also subverted the general public’s perception of professional sports.The Nikkei Asian Review pointed out on the 29th that big data analysis is one of the keys to winning Japan, the host country of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, in judo, football and other events.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s 70-kilogram judoka Chizuru Arai defeated Austria’s Michaela Polleres in the final on the 28th,and the sixth gold medal in judo came back into the hands of the Japanese team. As long as they won two more gold medals, they could tie their record of judo sealing gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics.On the women’s football field, Japan beat Chile 1-0 on the 27th and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals.Nikkei believes that behind these victories,”Big Data”(Big Data) analysis technology can be described as a contribution.

There’s”big data”on the football field, too.

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Japan Women’s National Football Team assistant coach Naomaizumi Mori said he used the software”Sportscode”to analyze players’ performance, the key to the analysis is to predict the number of possible goals based on information such as distance, angle, the number of defenders on the path, he said, which is conducive to players to design the best offensive route, rather than clinging to low-hit shots.Japanese soccer player Risa Shimizu also said that analyzing data can make players more aware of their weaknesses to make improvements.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s national women’s football team beat Chile 1-0 on the 27th and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals.(AP)

Not only judo, football,karate, climbing sports also follow up the use of big data analysis.In the future, the Japan Sports Association, coaches,players, nutritionists, sponsors, etc. will also be more committed to making the most accurate game planning for players by converting data into analysis results.

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